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Data Processing
Data Processing
Canary Wharf London
Canary Wharf London

Artificial Business Intelligence Solutions

Empowering businesses through cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning for optimizing processes and driving automation which leads to increased profitability and sustainable success.

Our Services

Our Services & Projects

Comprehensive business analytics and reporting solutions.

Cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models tailored to business needs.

Training of the analytical units to autonomously handle data projects.

Credit Scoring

We crafted a sophisticated credit scoring system using multi-year data and machine learning model ensembles, enhancing banks' ability to precisely gauge client creditworthiness.

Fraud detection

Utilizing the advanced ML algorithm, our fraud detection model excels in identifying over 80% of fraud cases with minimal impact on sales, demonstrating both high efficacy and efficiency.

Reporting automation 

We integrated AI language interpreter with existing data sources, enabling business users to request diverse reports through a chat interface and receive personalized outputs.

Credit risk budgeting

We implemented behavioral scorecards and transition matrices according to IFRS 9 methodology, forecasting future reserves and credit risk budget parameters over a five-year span.


Leveraging our banking expertise in shadow economy contexts and advanced data techniques, we created a ML model that accurately estimates clients' actual income, substantially boosting approval rates.


Using clients' behavioral and demographic data, we built a segmentation model that enabled the bank to create custom offers for each distinct group identified through analysis.

Ready to optimize your business?

At ABI Solutions, we can help you achieve your business goals through advanced analytics and machine learning technologies. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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